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Great High Priestess of The Goddess


The month following the Ordination and Confirmation, Nefer Kari, The Great High Priestess of the Goddess proclaimed in April, 2017 that she and High Priestess Nefer Kara would not preside in the United States; and, decreed the suspension of the Rituals of The Goddesses in the United States instituted October 7, 1997, as proclaimed anew, and by Her edict, Her Rituals, if they are to be restored in this generation, will only be through the return of a High Priestess of A New Order.

The following month, on May 8, 2017, Nefer Kari confirmed the prophesy posted in The Syria Blunder, to which she added "if any Priestess in Syria is killed, it will be as though President Trump ordered her execution...."

At the time of the posting, The First High Priestess of Syria and her daughter, The Priestess of The Goddess of Syria ash Sham, were being held captive by United States supported anti government Islamists.

Taking non Muslims had been the practice of Syrian rulers for over a thousand years. Non-Muslim women and girls, whether married or not, were taken as concubines, raped and forced to raise their children as Muslim. This continued until 1970 when Hafez al-Assad took control of Syria.

President Obama, reestablish that practice and President Trump continued the practice with the Syrian Muslim they have supported. The Priestesses of The Goddess of Syria ash Sham were enslaved, raped, and later sold to Islamic State fighters, who continue their rape and enslavement. They are now under the charge of Great High Priestess Nefer Kari, who has proclaimed that President Trump is responsible for their safety, and because no High Priestess will preside in a country that condones, or allows a Priestess to be imprisoned, or held against her will, Nefer Kari will only preside outside the United States.

February 2, 2020

The Great High Priestess Nefer Kari announced that The First Priestess of the Goddess of Syria ash Sham and her daughter, The Priestess of Goddess of Syria ash Sham were killed by two separate United States air strikes against ISIS fighters in 2018 and 2019.

It is the Doctrine of The Goddesses that Their High Priest and Priestesses do not judge what The Goddess abominate.

The Judgement of The Nation

The Judgement of President Trump and the Nation is a Destiny Judgement. Whether Donald Trump will be reelected President was his Destiny Choice. Donald Trunk denied his Destiny to be the President of the People. He chose his new god over his country. The ministers of that new god cast their lot with a Destiny he denied. The Goddesses have withdrawn Their Priestesses from America. None shall Judge, or alter Destiny. The Destiny to be ruler of the People, or be ruled by his god is a Choice of Destiny.

It is the Doctrine of The Goddesses: That Judgement is the Judgement with which the Judge has Judged. President Trump Judged that the Nation must be ruled by the doctrines of his god. Those who agreed not, cast their lot as their Judgement; and the Judgement of whether the Nation will be ruled by the doctrine of his god was the Judgment for which the People of the Nation have cast their lots. It is The Goddesses Who will Judge whether the Nation suffer the Judgment of President Trump, or the Judgment that leads to the Great Soul of Destruction and Hate, from whom the Nation has not wavered since his arrival.

If Donald Trump is reelected, it will not be the irrational god of his imagination that opens the path. It will be a cognizant consciousness that supersedes emotion by which The Goddesses imbue in the wise the familial memory to correct the course of Destinies Choices. His Destiny is now the Will of the Goddesses. It is not his Choice. Justice demands that a Nation not suffer a fate imposed by its leader unless demanded by the people.